Healthy Coffee. The most significant innovation in coffee since decaf.

You’ve been reading about the health benefits of coffee.  Now,experience HealthSMART Coffee, the first coffee designed specifically for you and your good health.

U.S. Department of Health states that the American diet is lacking in minerals, B-vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fiber.  HealthSMART coffee delivers them all.  

Through a proprietary process called TechnoRoastingwe seal-in all of these healthful properties. There are no preservatives and no additives.  It is totally unadulterated.

HealthSMART coffee is roasted using our all natural, chemical free, exclusive technology, approved by the FDA, the Department of Health, Health & Hospital Corporation, independent laboratories and10 other government agencies.  

We’ve eliminated all the bitterness so you can drink the coffee without the use of sweeteners or creamers. This eliminates fats, calories and cholesterol. TechnoRoasting neutralizes the excess heartburn-causing acids, making our coffee the smartest choice for all those with heartburn, GERD or Acid Reflux.

HealthSMART Coffee Is a Better Buy! 

Let’s talk about money:  HealthSMART coffee is more expensive.  But actually, it’s a better buy!  

Here’s why. Compare prices.  When you buy a can or bag do you really know the number of cups you can brew?  Brewing directions range from 1 tablespoon to 2 heaping tablespoons per cup.  

Now with HealthSMART, you actually pay more for a 12-ounce can.  Yet, a ½ tablespoonful of HealthSMART coffee makes one cup and a can yields 136 cups of coffee.  

Here’s the math. It costs just 13¢ per cup but delivers the very same full-bodied, gourmet flavor.  The real cost is dramatically less than any mass merchandised coffee.  Arabica coffees generally sell for .23 – 80 per cup and single serve coffees are .80 and up per cup. Logically it’s the per cup cost that counts.  

See How Your Coffee Compares. View Our Coffee Comparison Chart and Find Out What Your Coffee Really Costs!

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Your stomach will  the difference!™

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Arabica coffees sell for .23 – 80 per cup and single serve coffees are .80 and up per cup.

Ours Costs Less Than 15 Cents Per Cup!

Your stomach will  the difference!™